Salt water

The original salt water from Zablacz ( Zablaczer crowns iodine water ) is drawn in the village of Zablacz from deeper iodine-bromine medicinal waters for over 100 years . This iodine-bromine baths has become famous since 1892 mainly due to your highly known iodine content in the world ( 139 mg / l). This is about 5 times as much as all other known sources of brine . In the today’s widespread iodine deficiency , the brine is especially acute .

Zableczer crowns Iodized

From the beginning the Zablaczer crowns iodine water was used as a natural bathing , inhalation and cosmetic agents. Reason for this was that the healing waters relaxing effect , calming and soothing effect on the human organism. Baths and compresses and inhalations with the brine are an ideal form of regeneration for the whole body after the day-long mental and physical fatigue. They also improve hydro – mineral economy. The regular bathing in the brine contributes to the healthy appearance by improving skin elasticity , improves circulation, speeds up metabolism and fat burning processes , and thus effectively helps in the loss. Visibly reduces cellulite , stretch marks and cleanses the skin of toxins.

Jodland company used this brine very successful in our salt caves , salt rooms and salt fogging cabins for over a year. To atomize the brine salt we use the misting devices that enable it , on the contrary to the known ultrasonic nebulizers to obscure the pure brine without dilution and with much greater capacity , which significantly increases the health effect .

The first very positive feedback from the company Jodland have to move with the product to turn to the other customers.

Our company has started the distribution of these medicinal brine in the summer of 2013 . Besides selling to private customers, we want to reach all operators of salt grottos , spa facilities , salt fumigation chambers , salt cabins and salt saunas. The reason for this is that the brine is particularly well suited for use in the salt caves to fill the salt works in wellness facilities as bath water and salt in the salt rooms and cabins for misting. Try it yourself! Just great !