About us

We are a young company that has specialized in the construction of salt caves and salt-oasis. Since our founding in 2004 we have built several objects of this kind in Germany and whole Europe. Our salt caves and salt-oasis are distinguished by unique design, beautiful surroundings and especially powerful effect. This opinion confirmed again and again by our satisfied customers. We place great emphasis on using natural materials that are intended for the construction of our salt caves and salt-oasis. The rest of the features of our objects (wellness loungers, air conditioners, fans, saltnebulizers, music systems, etc.) leaves no wish unfulfilled. We put our customers´ satisfaction always in the foreground.

The idea of using different types of salt (dead sea salt, Himalayan salt, rock salt from different European salt mines) for the construction of our salt caves we have simply taken from the nature. Almost everybody knows salt mines, where single, health-promoting atmophere prevails. Salt has long been a versatile assistant for your well-beeing. Even in ancient times was the salt as an effective remedy realized. The oldest medical report goes into 3rd Century BC and came back from Egypt. Several centuries later, in the time of Hippocrates salt dipped in Greek medicine (for nausea, spleen diseases, ulcers, laxatives, bites, warts, bruises, nerve disorders, as a gargle, expectorant, etc). In the Middle Ages, the salt was from the doctors usually prescribed in combination with other ingredients such as honey, etc.. Later recommended by Paracelsus brine baths for skin diseases. In the 16th Century different types of salt were sold in pharmacies. In the 18th Century, it was used for anemia and headache. In the 19th Century was the healing that has been awarded the sole flourish numerous baths (water cures). With this knowledge, we have turned successfully to our customers. We would be delighted if you join in our customer base.