Salt caves

Salt caves are a place where you can grab a drink and fresh air. A salt cave is open all year are available, no matter how just the weather outside. It is also a place where you relax and unwind können.Unsere salt caves are to replicate chambers of salt from salt mines. This is a modern solution that tries to play the microclimate of salt chambers. They are regarded as places of recreation and relaxation.

  Salt cave Sel-La-Vie Friedrichsdorf

The walls and floor of the salt cave are covered with salt. Salt calms and reduces stress. You can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a salt cave and forgets what’s happening in the outside world. It will come again, necessarily, because the experience ever so beautiful. An unusual mood is enhanced by the lighting and soothing music. All this combined with modern technology, air conditioning, sound system and make a homey feel. In the cave are comfortable lounge chairs that can be set as desired. A relaxing visit lasts 45 minutes.

In our salt caves are about 7 to 20 tons of natural and crystal salt are (depending on room size). For the construction, we use different types of salt: Himalayan Crystal Salt, Dead Sea salt, salt from the Black and Adriatic Sea and other places imported salt

To achieve the pleasant room temperature in the summer air conditioning is used. For the required air exchange provide high performance fans. In order to increase the salt content in the salt cave graduation and additional AGREGATE called salt Foggers are used.

 Sports Park Maikammer

Our salt caves are equipped with comfortable, adjustable chairs. One can under cozy blankets in a calm atmosphere for 45 minutes really forget the whole world and also do something good for your health.

To achieve a particular mood, could your salt cave in addition with an illuminated ceiling (so-called starry sky) to be equipped. For the perfect music enjoyment provides a high quality stereo system with 5 speakers (surround sound system).

Our salt caves can be built on almost any of your chosen location. Whether your space meets our requirements, we will advise you on site, by phone or e-mail. We can also customize your space to our needs (eg scaling).

Our salt caves you get 2 years warranty. We support you in the early stages. Even in the procurement of various salt products we can help you.